DCEA Tech Council Looking for Multiple Personnels

The following are the key personnel needs for our China practice:

– Senior program manager with 20-30 years automotive experience in the US. Located in China.

– Junior program manager with US experience, willing to travel half time to China.

Senior automotive engineer, located in China, with experience in all aspects of vehicle design, development and testing. Experience in mentoring, education and training.

– Junior automotive engineer with experience in design, development and testing. Located in China.

– Senior quality engineer – subject matter expert in APQP and other quality processes and tools.

– Junior quality engineers – with experience in APQP and other quality tools and processes. Located in China.

– Senior automotive testing subject matter expert, located in the US.

– Hybrid vehicle engineer with experience in EV, EREV, PHEV architectures, technologies, controls and development.

Our emphasis is on taking care of client needs through on-site personnel in our China office, backed up by "on demand" subject matter experts in the US.

Contact: dcea.tech@gmail.com; 248-719-5826