The Founding of DCEA Technical Council

Dear DCEA members, sponsors and friends,

To better serve our members and the community, DCEA has recently formed the Technical Council to further promote technical and professional exchange and cooperation. The fundamental structure and duties of the council and its current committees in different specialized fields are as follows:

Name: DCEA Technical Council

Secretariat of the Council:
1. Chair, Overall operation - Zifeng Nie (
2. Vice Chair, Organization & coordination - Jiaquan Chen (
3. Directors, Retired Specialists and Engineers - Jialou Hu
4. Directors, Administration & Secretarial - Ning Zhang (, Yubing Ji
5. Director, Academics & Youth - Joe Zhou, Jason He

Specialized Committees (or the Sub-committees) of the council and their Leaders:
1. Chassis and suspension system committee - Shan Shih, Jiaquan Chen
2. Automotive materials committee - Yucong Wang
3. Vehicle safety and crash-worthiness committee - Stephen Kang, Fuchun Zhu
4. Vehicle Lightweight Design committee - Alan Luo, Shengdong Liu
5. Body design and manufacturing committee - Yuanyao Qian, Frank Lee
6. Electric Vehicles and Hybrids committee - Ke Zhang
7. IT and information committee - Shibin Hu
8. Virtual Engineering and Numerical Methods - Zifeng Nie, Peiran Ding
9. Emission processing and control committee - Guanyu Zheng
10. Vehicle integration & platform committee - Shaun Zhao
11. Surface Engineering - Fred Yang
12. Automobile Marketing Analytics - Jie Du
13. Environmental and Health Impact of Technology - Tai Chan
14. Business Management - Janny Lu
15. Industrial Design - Penny Shen
16. ......

We will continue to add and develop new specialized committees and strengthen the council administration Secretariat as needed. The committees may be subject to some change, and the council Secretariat will continue to work on the regulation and organizational details. Both the council Secretariat and its committees welcome new leaders and members. Specifically, we are looking for officers in charge of non-automotive field, academics development, Business management, Entrepreneurship and Career development. So, if you wish to contribute your talent and time in a special field, or if you have any good candidates to recommend, please register at:
or contact the council Secretariat or DCEA board with your resume / bio.

The DCEA technical council continues recruiting new committee members and leaders to provide high quality service to its members and sponsors. Please check the DCEA website for updated information.

DCEA Board


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