Greetings from DCEA President Ms. Coco Zhang-Miske

Dear DCEA Members:
Another year has ended with a phenomenal showing at 2013 NAIAS and I am excited to announce what is certain to be another successful year for our organization! We have a fantastic lineup of events planned by our ever-hardworking board members. The lineup includes a host of new speakers, technical presentations, and our very popular networking events. In addition, I am pleased to announce that we have been developing stronger relationships with partner organizations around the globe, such as SAE China: you can look forward to news about multi-organizational events in the coming months.
And speaking of partnerships with partner organizations brings me to the core of my message to you this year: collaboration. DCEA is, at its heart, a group dedicated to participation and collaboration. We provide opportunities to our membership and to the community around us by participating in the community and developing relationships with numerous organizations, businesses, governments, and global leaders. That dedication to community service is what gives DCEA a meaningful voice in community decision-making and makes DCEA both a successful and influential non-profit organization. That success and influence synergistically allows us to provide even better programs and opportunities to our members, positively reinforcing our growth and our ability to achieve our mission.
So please join me in thanking all of our hardworking board members, and indeed, ALL of our members, for making DCEA the successful organization it is. I look forward to seeing you and all of our many partners at this year’s series of exciting events!
On behalf of the DCEA board, I thank you for all of your support and humbly ask that you continue to join us in making DCEA successful!


Coco Zhang-Miske
DCEA President