Greetings from DCEA President Wayne Cai

Dear DCEA Members: With the steady recovery of the global and particularly the US economy, the Motor City is back to live! The U.S. auto market is poised for a fifth straight year of growth for just the second time since World War II. The recovery from the recession has been so robust that the debate is now whether sales will reach 2000’s record levels. With the robust economy, DCEA is expected to have a record sponsorship, which in-turn will allow us to sponsor more exciting events for the society. Our vision is: Together we advance in technology and career Our mission is: • Promote technical excellence and innovations, in science and engineering • Provide a global network for technology, business, and cultural exchange • Disseminate information on career and business opportunities • Promote cultural awareness and the value of diversity in society Looking into 2014, we will continue to build upon our strengths and achievements with the following priorities: • Further build up our global network, such as with China • Further reach out to younger generations, such as students and professions in local universities • Further collaborate with other Chinese and Asian organizations As always, please join me in thanking all of our hardworking board members, and ALL of our members, for making DCEA a very successful organization. On behalf of the DCEA board, I thank you for all of your support! I look forward to seeing you and all of our many partners at this year’s series of exciting events! Sincerely, Wayne Cai DCEA President