DCEA will hold 2016 Fall Automotive Symposium and China Geely Talent Exchange Event 秋季汽车技术研讨会暨吉利人才技术交流会

On Sunday, November 20, 2016, Detroit Chinese Engineers Association (DCEA) will host its annual Fall Automotive Symposium. The theme of the Symposium is "Autonomous and New Energy Cars". Six top specialists will report the latest progress and trend in this frontier field, including specialist from Ford, GM, California and China Automotive Industry. Mr. Hong Lei, China Consul General in Chicago, will deliver the ketnote titled  “The Sino-US Automobile Industry: Maximizing Mutual Benefit and Win-Win Cooperation” 

A job fair and talent exchange event for DCEA sponsor Geely Automotive will be followed at the same venue to fill some 70 senior engineering and management positions urgently needed at the Geely Automobile Company in China. The event will be held in cooperation with other local organizations and Chinese community. All attendees are invited to a dinner sponsored by Geely Automotive Company after the event. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange career info and interactt with the Geely recruiting team and the company executives. The seats are limited and fills quickly; please register on-line now at http://detroitengineer.org/2016/node/914

  • Time:November 20, 2016 (Sunday)
                   2:30 - 5:30pm  Symposium
                   6:30 - 8:30pm  Dinner and job fair
                    21111 Haggerty Road,Novi, MI 48375
  • On-line registration:at the end of this page
  • Dress Code: Business Formal
  • Information & Resumes, send todcea.tech@gmail.com


0. Keynote:  “深化中美汽车产业互利共赢合作 ” 洪磊,中国驻芝加哥总领馆总领事
    “The Sino-US Automobile Industry: Maximizing Mutual Benefit and Win-Win Cooperation” Hong Lei,  Consul General in Chicago, Diplomat of P.R. China

1. “Automated Driving Roadmap”

     - Dr. Qiang Hong, Director of Autonomous and New Energy Vehicle Research at SF Motors,  USA.

2. "Digitization of Connected Vehicles”

     - Martin Richter,  Vice President of Vehicle Systems,  IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc

3.  "The Trends on Intelligentification" "汽车智能化的新走势”

     - Dr. Jianbo Lu, Technical Expert at Ford Research & Innovation Center, An inventor or co-inventor of more than 120 US patents.

4.  "Next Generation Traffic Control with Connected and Automated Vehicles"

    - Prof. Henry Liu, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Transportation Research Institute

      University of Michigan, Ann Arbo

5. "广纳英才,共创辉煌---- 站在新起点上的吉利汽车研究院"

    - 李力, 吉利汽车研究院副院长兼资深总工程师。

Geely Automobile Research Institute, Geely Powertrain Institute and other subsidiaries are recruiting talents all over the world. 

For more position details, please see the attachment.



底特律中国工程师协会(DCEA)将于2016年11月20日为中国吉利汽车公司举办人才技术交流会,其它当地华人社团将鼎力协助。为增加交流空间和时间,底特律中国工程师协会一年一度的秋季汽车技术研讨会,也特别定于当日同一地点召开。今年研讨会的主题是“自动驾驶与新能源汽车” ( "Autonomous and New Energy Cars")。欢迎参加技术研讨会的人员和吉利汽车公司进行交流活动,吉利汽车公司将邀请所有参加会议的人员与招聘团队及高管共进晚餐。请您尽快注册并递交简历以确保席位。

吉利汽车公司高管及招聘团队、芝加哥总领馆官员将亲临招聘现场。有意参加研讨会和交流会的人士(儿童谢绝),请登陆底特律工程师协会网站: http://detroitengineer.org/2016/node/914  注册或查看招聘职位,并请将您的申请, 简历及疑问等寄至指定的邮箱:dcea.tech@gmail.com。您也可以私信的方式联系我们,我们会根据您的需要来安排面谈。


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