DCEA co-orgnize 2017 ChongQing Automotive Acoustic Summit 底特律中国工程师协会协办 2017 重庆汽车NVH国际论坛

Organizers: Host:  China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd(CAERI) Chongqing University  French Society of Automotive Engineers Organizer: State Key Laboratory of Vehicle NVH and Safety Technology Co‐organizer:  Detroit Chinese Engineers Association

The top NVH experts from Europe, Japan, USA and China will address the summit on the latest achievements and  innovative technologies in the sensitive area such as new energy vehicle NVH, light weight conception, new power  train technologies and the future trends of global market and technology evolution. The forum also offers  a platform  to share our knowledges and experiences . Together, let’s make this summit a success and fruitful event. 

Key interest points of the summit  峰会热点主题

  • Technology evolution in next 10 years and Impact on NVH  / 未来十年汽车技术变革及其对NVH的影响
  • NVH of current EV & HEV and  challenge for future EV / 电动和混动汽车NVH技术及其未来挑战
  • NVH of 3 cylinder gasoline engine  / 3缸汽油机NVH技术 •NVH of 4 cylinder diesel engine / 4缸柴油机NVH技术
  • New powertrain technologies trends and impact on NVH /动力传动技术新趋势及其对NVH的影响
  • Driveline noise diagnostic and prediction by CAE/ 动力传动系统噪声的诊断与预测 •CVT noise / 无级变速器噪声
  • Accessory noise, from design to integration into  the vehicle /附件设计及其整车集成中的噪声控制
  • Electrical powertrain simulation technology / 电传动系统仿真技术
  • Vehicle and PWT CAE development process / 汽车及动力系统CAE开发流程
  • Cascading from full vehicle to BIW /从整车到白车身的NVH性能目标分解
  • Light weight concept of sound package /声学包轻量化
  • Optimal poroelasticmaterialdesign / 最优多孔材料设计
  • New materials and structure optimization for light weight design /轻量化新材料与新结构
  • Active vibration and noise control in mass production cars and future evolution /振动噪声主动控制技术 的量产应用与未来发展

Host:  China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd(CAERI) Chongqing University  French Society of Automotive Engineers

Organizer: State Key Laboratory of Vehicle NVH and Safety Technology

Co‐organizer:  Detroit Chinese Engineers Association


Contact: dcea.tech@gmail.com