DCEA Offers Award to Class 2020 High School Students

Attention to Class of 2020 Michigan High School Students: DCEA will offer 2019 Future Engineers and Scientists Awards to Michigan high school students for the Class of 2020.  Now we officially start accepting applications. The applicants must intend to learn and major in engineering, technology, or mathematics in their future college career. The scholarships require the students to have a minimum of 3.8 GPA on a scale of 4.0 or equivalent and outstanding test scores (26+ ACT/ 1400+ SAT/ 1350+ PSAT). Interested students are encouraged to submit their application online by filling the form below with the required documents submitted to dcea.tech@gmail.com no later than September 30, 2019. During the initial online application, photocopies of original documents are satisfactory. However, DCEA will reserve the right to request the original reports to be submitted directly from corresponding sources at our discretion. Winners will be notified by the end of October. The awards will be distributed to the winners at the DCEA annual conference in 2020. We greatly appreciate your interest in this award and hope you continue to pursue a career and preserve enthusiasm in the fields of science and engineering with or without this scholarship.

- DCEA Awards Committee

All applicants to the Future Engineers and Scientists Award in 2019 will be subject to consideration based on the following three criteria:

Academic Potential:

  1. Standardized Test Scores: (Please submit your SAT/ACT/PSAT or any other standardized tests scores that you would like us to consider, do not submit AP Exam scores in this location).
  2. High School Performance: (Please provide an official school transcript and tell us your high school weighted and unweighted GPA).
  3. List and briefly describe any academic recognition you have received in your high school career: (This can include, but is not limited to awards, rewards, publications, etc.).

Interest and Potential in STEM:

  1. List and briefly explain the level of depth of your participation in any clubs or extra-curricular activities that relate to STEM: (For instance, First Robotics, youth tech councils, math club, etc.)
  2. Please provide official score reports for any STEM related AP and IB Exam scores you may have taken: (This can include, but is not limited to: AP Calc AB, AP Physics, AP Calc BC, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, etc.).

Personal Statements:

For this section, please answer in a few sentences based on the prompt.

  1. What career or field do you see yourself going into in the near future? Why are you passionate about such a career or field?
  2. Explain how a book relating to STEM changed how you view the world or any aspect of society.
  3. What do you hope to accomplish after you receive the Future Engineers and Scientists’ Award?