Weichai Job Openings 潍柴人才招聘


Weichai Power Co., Ltd. is a global leading engine manufacturer, focusing on diesel/natural gas engines, commercial vehicles, powertrain system, construction machines and luxury yachts. Headquartered in Weifang, China, Weichai has set up three innovation centers in US, Germany, and Japan. We are actively looking for talents to lead development in engine, powertrain, vehicle, new energy vehicle, fuel cell, ADAS, and AD areas. Work locations include China, US, and Germany.


The current job opening as follows:

1. Control Algorithm Engineers

1) Passenger car experiences or possessing comprehensive knowledge of tool chain and its development.

2) Have Internet companies background, an in-depth understanding of software engineering and agile development and across borders application experiences.

Master's degree or above, PhD preferred.

2. Solid State Lithium Battery Engineer 

Have 6~8 years working experience in solid state lithium battery, be able to guide the future key development of solid state lithium battery. 

Master's degree or above, PhD preferred.

3. Hydraulic Technology Research Engineer 

Have more than 10 years of experience in hydraulic parts design and testing, strong judgment, and be able to provide technical guidance, having pumps, valves, motors and other hydraulic parts technical difficulties problem solving skills, a deep understanding of excavators, cranes, pump trucks and other mainstream construction machinery products hydraulic system. 

Master's degree or above, PhD preferred.

4. Motor Controller Software and Hardware Development Engineer

New energy vehicle industry background, more than 10 years of relevant work experience, proficiency in motor controller hardware or software development. 

Master's degree or above, PhD preferred.

5. Engine System Researcher Engineer 

Have internal combustion engine industry background, rich experience and profound understanding of engine performance, emission and advanced technology, more than 15 years of work in related fields. 

Master degree or above, PhD preferred.

6. Hydrogen fuel cell reactor system management engineer

Have rich experience in hydrothermal management of reactor system. 

Master degree or above, PhD preferred.

7. SOFC direction engineer

More than 5 years working experiences in SOFC related field, with deep understanding and rich experience in a certain field such as SOFC system development, subsystem design, simulation analysis, performance development and calibration. 

Master degree or above, PhD preferred.


Please email a cover letter and resume to HR@weichaiamerica.com and refer to JOB REF # IC-2021-09.  

You may choose to learn more about our company at www.weichaiamerica.com and/or www.weichaigroup.com