Registration to the Energy Bridge - a US-China Energy Industry Innovation Cooperation Forum 线上注册中美能源桥论坛 - 清洁能源汽车及电动化

Theme:Clean Energy Vehicles and Electrification

Please join us for the Energy Bridge to be held on October 13, 2021 —  A virtual on-line event to engage the China-US Energy Industry — Leaders in the energy industry are being brought together for an exclusive networking opportunity. The Energy Bridge is designed to facilitate communication between decision makers in the United States and China. It is an opportunity to learn, network, and develop relationships that will enrich the energy industry. To register to the event and receive the event web link, please fill in the form at the end.

The Organizing Committee would like to extend a sincere invitation and welcome you to The Energy Bridge forum. The concept of The Energy Bridge has been years in the making. The hope for this forum is to engage experts from the US and China in science and technology in a collegial setting. In 2021, the forum will focus on the automotive sector with the theme: Clean Energy Vehicles and Electrification.Thankfully, coinciding with celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Detroit Chinese Engineers Association (DCEA) is proud to co-organize The Energy Bridge 2021 with partners from both US and China. The organizing body saw the need to have experts from Detroit and Chicago to meet with their peers from China. The Energy Bridge brings a unique and refreshing environment that focuses on establishing a higher level of technology focus to people of both countries through networking with industry leaders. 11 top experts and researchers from US and China will report the latest progress and give the insight into future trend in the clean energy and electric vehicle technology. 

Hosted by

• Detroit Chinese Engineers Association

• School of Vehicle and Mobility of Tsinghua University

• China Science and Technology Exchange Center

• Zhangjiakou Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Institute

• Emerging Turner, LLC

Acknowledment: Dragon Eagle TV, AIEC


General Overview (USA EST Time: AM; Beijing Time: PM)

8:00 – 8:10    Welcome Address

8:10 – 9:10    Keynote Address

9:10 – 11:10  Topic Presentations

11:10 – 11:20 Q & A

11:20 – 11:30 Final Address 


Keynotes 主题报告: (20 minutes each)

  1. (8:10 - 8:30) Prof. OUYANG Minggao, CAS Academician, professor of Tsinghua University, “New Energy Vehicle and New Energy Revolution”
  2. (8:30 - 8:50) Dr.Dick Co,Principal of Co Strategy Partners, formerly Professor at Northwestern University, “Sustainable fuels in the context of clean energy vehicles”
  3. (8:50 - 9:10) Prof. Huei Peng, Director of M-city, University of Michigan, "Energy Saving through CAVs"

Featured Presentations 专题演讲 (15 minutes each)

Session 1: Battery Tech and Safety 电池技术及安全:

Presentation 1. (9:10 - 9:25) Feng Xuning, Tsinghua university, Director of battery Safety Laboratory, “Vehicle Battery Safety Research”

Presentation 2. (9:25 - 9:40) John Waters & David Cameron, Global Automotive Technology Leader for Energy Systems, SABIC, “Meeting Safety Requirements with Thermoplastics in EV Battery Packs.”

Session 2: Electric Vehicle & Integration 整车发展

Presentation 3. (9:40 - 9:55) Xuming ZHANG, Deputy Secretary General of SAE-China,  “Progress of electric vehicle development in China.”

Presentation 4. (9:55 - 10:10) Dr. David Cole, Chair Emeritus, Center for Automotive Research, Prof. Emeritus, U of Michigan, “The EV Future: Fast, Furious and Uncertain.”

Presentation 5. (10:10 - 10:25) Zilai Zhao, Director, e-Mobility Engineering, Systems, E-Components and HV Batteries at Navistar, “Electrification of class 6-8 commercial trucks in the US.”

Session 3: Hydrogen Fuel cell Technology 氢能汽车及燃料电池技术

Presentation 6. (10:25 - 10:40) Professor Li Jianqiu, Dean of School of Vehicle and Mobility, Tsinghua University, “Research and Analysis of Heavy Duty Fuelcell Truck”

Presentation 7. (10:40 - 10:55) Dr.Li Feiqiang, Deputy General Manager of Beijing SinoHytec Co.,“Progress and Demonstration Application of Sinohytec Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology”

Presentation 8. (10:55 - 11:10) Dr. Bill Zhou, Professor at the University of Windsor, "Optimization tools for proton exchange membrane fuel cells."

Q & A: (11:10 – 11:20)

Final Address (11:20 – 11:30)

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