2010 Presidential Message

Dr. Walter Zhou

Dear DCEA Members,

As we stand at the beginning of the year of the tiger, the world is brimming with hope and filling with positive outlooks. It is an honor to stand before you all on the thirtieth anniversary of DCEA; and when we reflect on what we accomplished in 2009 under Dr. Junwen Hou’s leadership and everything else in the past thirty years, we deserve to be proud of our achievements and we are grateful for the support we received from countless sources, especially our generous sponsors. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our invaluable board members, advisors and all supportive members.

As the President of the DCEA in 2010, it gives me great honor to solemnly pledge, on behalf of the 2010 board of directors, that we will, in a united effort, continue to offer professional lectures and activities on various topics to help our members acquire useful information and knowledge needed for their career development and daily life. To grow and expand DCEA in the new era, we must not just stand by but actively ride the thriving Chinese economy by adding more Chinese factors in our Annual Technical Conference and other activities. To better communicate with our members, sponsors and other local organizations, we will make great efforts to improve our website. We have a plan to welcome more involvement from our advisors, former board members and presidents.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly believe that DCEA will continue to keep up the strong momentum in carrying out our Vision: together we advance in technology and career. DCEA will continuously promote technical excellence and innovations, provide a global network, disseminate information on career and business opportunities, and promote cultural awareness and the value of diversity in society

Finally, I would like to introduce our officers, board members and advisors for the year of 2010:

Walter Zhou, Ph.D.


Zifeng Nie, Ph.D.

Vice President (Tech programs)

HongLu Wang, Ph.D.

General Secretary

FengZhu Li, Ph.D.

Treasurer (Finance)

Janet Fan

Director, Communication

Frank Lee, Ph.D.

Director, Fund raising

Feng Guo

Director, Web Development

Ning Zhang, Ph.D.

Director, DCEA News

Jialou Hu, Ph.D.

Director, Public relations

Jiaquan Chen, Ph.D.

Director, Membership Service

Shibin Hu, Ph. D.

Director, Science and Technology

Tai Chan, Ph.D.


David Chang, Ph.D.


Jamie Hsu, Ph.D.


Junwen Hou, Ph.D.


Sam Guo, Ph.D.


ShengDong Liu, Ph.D.


Yucong Wang, Ph.D.


Alan Luo, Ph.D.


Kingman E. Yee, Ph.D.


Shan Shih, Ph.D.


Janny Lu


Tianbao Zhou