DCEA Tech Council

The Secretariat (书记处构成):

Chairman, Zifeng Nie (聂子锋)(zifengnie@gmail.com)
Vice Chair, Jiaquan Chen
Executive Directors, Administration - Ning Zhang, Ke Zhang-Miske
Managers, Secretarial - Lingxiao Zheng, Evonne Xu
Directors, Academics & Youth - Joe Zhou
Directors, Retired Specialists - Jialou Hu
Legal Advisors - Shusheng Wang, Michael J. Miske, Esq

The Functionality (书记处职能):

General operation of the council
Coordinate and schedule the activities of all committees
Provide support (financial and manpower) to committees
Maintain the profiles for committee leaders and specialists
Promote, organize or co-organize events for committees
Document committee and council meeting minutes
Nominate, appoint or dismiss committee leaders as needed
Setup or dismiss committees
Interface and interaction with DCEA board - Operational report etc.

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Specialized Committees: