Council Rights & Obligations
• Act relatively independent
• Inform and report its activity to the board
• a DCEA board member can be a committee member or its director
• a committee member or its director need NOT be a DCEA board member
• No member number limit
• No committee number limit
• more than one activities annually by each committee
• Automatically eliminated if no activities for 3 Consecutive years, or after one term.

Guideline for organization of Tech Council and its committees:
• There is NO member number limit or requirement for each committee;
• Each committee must have one director;
• Each committee can have up to 2 deputy directors (or no deputy directors);
• The directors should be either leading experts in the corresponding field, or have the capability and enthusiasm of organizing and leading the experts, or both;
• There is NO race or nationality requirement to be a committee member;
• A person can be in more than one committee.
• Each specialized committee recruits its members independently, and keeps the Council Secretariat informed / updated of all members' names and profiles or via electronic registration.
• Each committee can have meetings and host events independently with the approval from the Secretariat of the Technical Council.
• Each committee should keep and submit its meeting minutes to the Secretariat of the Technical Council;
• There is no limit for terms of office for committee members (i.e. the specialists in various fields)
• Each term of office for a committee or council officer is 3 years; consecutive office terms are allowed;
• The committee directors are nominated and elected by the committee members; the election will be supervised and monitored by the council Secretariat
• All officers are appointed by the council Secretariat.