Presidential Message in 1999

Dear DCEA Members and Supporters,

As the President for the 1999 DCEA Board, I'd like to extend to you my sincere thanks for your dedication and volunteer effort. As a unique local Chinese-American organization, DCEA has, for more than a decade, successfully served its members for their special interests and needs in technical exchange, social networking, and career development.

Eight months have passed since the beginning of the current board. At this time, I'd like to report to you what we have accomplished and what we plan to work on for the remaining of the year.

Establishment of sub-committees in DCEA Board.
To encourage more direct involvement of members, this Board has decided to establish a Technical Committee, a Strategic Planning Committee, a Membership Committee, and a Publications Committee. This has proved to be an effective means for engaging more people in organizing and coordinating DCEA activities.

1999 Spring Technology Conference and Exposition.
In spite of heavy snow storm on the eve of the conference, this traditional annual technical event was still very successful. More than 60 people overcame the extremely difficult driving condition and attended the conference. Organized by the technical committee, the Conference mainly featured four concurrent technical sessions: Information and Knowledge Engineering, Powertrain, CAE/CAD/CAM, and Automotive Safety, Environment, and Health. Three invited speakers made excellent speeches during a Plenary Session: Challenges for the Next Millennium. See for interesting scenes of the Conference.

DCEA Advisory Committee.
Each year, DCEA elects a new president. Now DCEA already has more than a dozen past presidents. They were, and many still are DCEA active members and are a great resource to the organization. To leverage on their experience, enthusiasm, and network, the Strategic Planning Committee made great efforts to reach out to each of these ex-presidents and invited them to serve as members of the DCEA Advisory Committee. Some "advisors" are now "life-time" members and several important recommendations have since been submitted to the DCEA board.

On-Line Newsletter and Web Publications.
With the expertise of our Publications Committee, DCEA has significantly improved its traditional way of communicating with members. On-line Newsletters are now distributed through e-mail channels instead of preparing and mailing hardcopies, one of the most time-consuming and high cost task in DCEA. Many of the announcements, reports, pictures and other information about DCEA are now also made available on web. Interested? Please visit

Membership Promotion.
The Membership Committee designed the first-ever DCEA brochure which has been used in all DCEA events and mailing to members. We have seen increase in both life-time members and one-year membership renewals. Keeping old members and attracting new members has always been a great challenge to this organization. Our strategy is to promote the membership through continually organizing and sponsoring valuable events for current as well as prospective members. If you are interested in joining DCEA but don't know how, visit the web page

Reach-out to Other Technical/Community Organizations.
This June, DCEA co-organized Soup Kitchen charity event with CAGD (Chinese Association of Greater Detroit). Several DCEA members, including some of their children, participated. Also in June, DCEA had two representatives attending the 1999 Symposium of the Ohio Chinese American Professional Association and made technical presentations. Both of these events helped publicize the image of DCEA as both a capable technical organization and a responsible community member. To further align with other organizations in activities impacting the whole Chinese community, DCEA also participates in Coalition of Chinese American Organizations.

I am proud of what we have already achieved given that we all have a very demanding work schedule and busy family life. I am also glad to tell you that DCEA is planning two more exciting events for the rest of the year. First, DCEA is organizing a special event on October 2 for the members, their families and friends. This will be an informative yet non-technical event. Stay tuned for the announcement. Second, DCEA is going to extend special "Future Engineer Award" to qualified university students for their excellence in pursuit of advanced engineering knowledge.

This DCEA board is striving to serve you. If you have any questions to ask or ideas to contribute, please contact any one of us as listed below:



Email address

Jie Cheng


Tai Chan

Vice President

Ron Liu


Kingman Yee


Nancy Wang


Zach Fu


Patrick Cheung


Yilong Chen


Chin Kuo


Jie Cheng

1999 President of DCEA