Presidential Message in 2000

Dr. Tai Chan

General Motors

I welcome the opportunity to serve as your president in 2000. DCEA has matured in the last three years under the leadership of Drs. Simon Tung, Chin Kuo and Jie Cheng. I believe we are positioned to grow in the 21st century. As we experience the technological renaissance in this new millennium, we can transform DCEA to be a global resource for individual growth and sustainable economic growth through technology and knowledge transfer.

We had a productive year in 1999. Our new website is now up and running to enable effective communication. Our fall event drew 100 new people to a Feng Shui lecture, followed by breakout sessions on Immigration Laws for Professionals, IT Career Opportunities, and Investment Strategies for the 21st century. For the first time, DCEA and the Association of Chinese Americans (ACA) co-sponsored the annual High School Achievement Awards Banquet for outstanding graduates of Chinese decent in the greater Detroit area. We also participated with other Chinese American organizations to feed the homeless in soup kitchens in downtown Detroit. DCEA is gradually making positive impact in the professional community and the community at large as well.

DCEA has to maintain its focus on scientific excellence and professionalism while providing valuable membership services. Individual and corporate members are endorsed DCEA’s functions to encourage others to join to nurturing technology and friendship. To that end, we must actively recruit young members in graduate schools to join us to ensure DCEA’s future. The current 160,000+ foreign students from China is an obvious talent pool worthy of targeting in the U.S. DCEA can nurture some of the future Chinese American engineers professionally and integrate them into the scientific community. Meanwhile, special seminars outside of the traditional engineering areas will broaden our knowledge on topical cultural and social issues facing Asian Americans today. One such theme is the one for our annual conference on March 4, 2000 -- "Emerging Technology and You".

On networking, DCEA is linked to the local engineering schools, scientific organizations, businesses, and corporations in the greater Detroit area. Communication among members and our webpage/email system are the essential information infrastructure that enables us to communicate effectively on technology trends, employment opportunities and special events in a timely manner. Globally, several board members are maintaining key contacts in China and serve as the door to possible partnerships. These strategic partnerships can be of academic or business in nature – a possibility for a rewarding second career for some of our experienced members.

DCEA is a non-profit organization that is dependent on the financial support of its members and major corporations. DCEA is grateful to Lawrence Technological University and corporate sponsors such as GM, Ford, CGN Associates, Giddings & Lewis, SGI, Altair Engineering, and Optimal CAE for their continuous support. Let’s continue to provoke each other onto good works -- together we can advance in technology and careers for all.