DCEA Tech Council successfully held "2012 Global Automotive Experts and Executives Forum"

Thanks to the great support from DCEA Technical Council experts and DCEA members, the "2012 Global Automotive Experts and Executives Forum" held jointly by DCEA Tech Council and NetEase Auto on January 8, 2012 was a great success! Over 130 experts and executives who were from United State, China, other Asian countries and even global auto industry have attended the event. This was the first time that DCEA Tech Council held large-scale high-level technical exchange event in automotive industry with foreign auto media.

China and United States are the top two economy entity as well as the top two auto markets in the world. Although The U.S. and China auto industries have different stages of development and areas of product and market, they are complementary to each other. The recent rapid recovery of the U.S. auto industry relies heavily on the fast growing Chinese market.

The Chairman of DCEA Technical Council, Dr Zifeng Nie, said in his opening remark, "Since we stepped into the 21st century, the automobile industry has been facing greater challenges than ever: the car makers have to satisfy the emerging market consumers on one hand, and they also face many critical problems such as energy shortage, pollution, vehicles safety at the same time. Those are not merely technical problems, but hidden social problems as well. Detroit Chinese Automotive Engineers, with Chinese cultural heritage, extensive expertise and broad international perspective, would be the best candidates to help solve these problems. Technological innovation is a powerful tool for the automotive industry, for example, in front of energy shortages, new energy and electric vehicles are in place; And modern communications, GPS, cloud computing are providing technical foundations for active safety, communication among vehicles and comprehensive traffic management, thus making zero injuries, zero traffic jams possible."

At the forum, the former GM executive director of Global Technology Management, Prof. Jamie Hsu, gave the keynote which was entitled as "Coo-petition Century of US-China Automotive Industry". He outlined the vision of the global automotive industry and cutting-edge trends of technological advances. Later, Ford technical experts and global quality Leader, Dr. Jay Zhou, offered the "Quality Control - the latest trends" keynote speech which explained the quality control journey at the Ford with advanced technology and experience.

In addition, NetEase Auto Chief Editor Mr. Zhang Qi, the global Automotive Media Group publisher Mr. Wu Yingqiu, Volvo China Research Institute of the chassis / Active Safety Director Mr. Wang Zhongwei, Trilogy vice president Dr. Du Jie, GM Global BEV and PHEV battery engineering manager Steve Cai, Ford Motor Company core and strategic security senior technical expert Dr Stephen Kang, Lawrence Technical University Automotive Institute Professor Shan Shih, China Automotive Systems General Manager Dr.Haimian Cai, Ford Motor Company Technical leader Ming Kuang and many Chinese and American automotive industry experts and executives held a live panel discussion with the audience on hot automotive topics.

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