2017 Presidential Greetings

As we greet DCEA’s 30th Anniversary of excellence , In this joyous and harmonic atmosphere full of auspicious sign, we have every reason to be proud of the great achievements that DCEA has made since its founding. Even Confucius once said that one establishes himself by the age of thirty (子曰: 三十而立) . Likewise, DCEA has established very well, owing our success to our talented and committed members, to our generous and ambitious sponsors, and especially to our dedicated and professional board members and advisers for selflessly sharing their time, knowledge and expertise. Thank you for your membership, sponsorship and friendship. Thank you all for your continued strong support throughout the DCEA 30 years’ history! 2010 was a year of continuous improvement and diversification for DCEA . With the leadership of Dr.Walter Zhou, we achieved our goals by providing first-class technical conferences, automotive symposiums, top-quality seminars and professional events for our members, sponsors and community. As a result, we are now in a position better than ever to serve our members and assist them on the road to technical innovation and career success. DCEA has enhanced its reach out to recognize the trend of globalization by adding more China and international elements in its activities. We have become a “bridge” to connect US and China with scientific and engineering entities, which are seeking international cooperation and development. We are confidently marching forward with our technical expertise . In 2011, DCEA will concentrate on following specific fields:

Initiate and promote more opportunities for international enterprises and entities to participate in the recovery and growth of Michigan and US economy.

Build and improve our talent database to help professionals find new career opportunities, while helping employers find the talents they desire.

Develop more sophisticated and advanced seminars and training workshops to meet the needs of our affiliates.

Continue to survey members and provide them with an opportunity to identify themselves as participants, experts or both.

Educate the younger generation and encourage them to develop careers in science and engineering.

Strengthen our collaborative relationships with other local organizations: ACA, AIEC, APACC, CAGD, DCBA etc.

Currently , the world is moving further towards globalization while the innovation of science and technology is brewing new breakthroughs. DCEA members, with our strong international and technical background, will adapt efficiently to the increasing globalization. DCEA will continue to offer professional services, quality seminars, technical training, engineering and business information for automotive and other industries worldwide. We certainly hope to play a part in rebuilding and recovering Michigan's economy, as well as the nation's as a whole.