First 2014 DCEA Board Meeting Was Held on February 15th

DCEA held its first board meeting on Feb. 15th. In this meeting, the former president Coco Zhang- gave a summary of the work in 2013; President Wayne Cai introduced 2014 work plan; the new board directors election result was announced and roles were assigned to the board directors. The 2014 DCEA board is as following:

President : Wayne Cai(蔡文嘉)
Vice President: Chris Cao(曹阳)
General Secretary: Coco Zhang-Miske(张珂)
Treasurer: Joe Zhou(周长弓)

David Li(李仲炜) Director, International Affairs
Alice Li(李芳) Director, IT Support
Xiaoling Jin(金小玲) Director, Membership
Jin Li(李津) & Xiaoyu Ma(马晓昱) Director, Community Outreach
Jesse Wang(王兆宇) Director, Communication & News Letter
Evonne Xu (徐洋) & Fan Xu(徐帆) Director, Student Council
Chunmei Wang(王春梅), Director, Finance
Pingan He(和平安) & Wende Zhang(张文德) Director, Fundraising
James Zhou (周玉), Director, Technology Application (Wayne to confirm)
Mike Wang(王延生) Director, Technical Council
Mike J. Miske Legal Consult