Forging the Bright Future - DCEA Technical Council successfully held all–hands meeting

(Special Report from Yubing Ji & Ning Zhang; Photos by Joe Zhou)
On Saturday August 13th, DCEA Technical Council held an all-hands work meeting at the International Exchange Center, SG Technologies in Farmington Hills with a great success. About 70 specialists and professionals attended the meeting, the social lunch thereafter and the career workshop in the afternoon.

The Council vice Chair and DCEA board director Dr. Jiaquan Chen chaired the meeting. First, the agenda was approved without objection. After a brief self-introduction by all council committee specialists attending the meetings, every attendee got a chance to know each other better. Dr. Zifeng Nie, DCEA President and the Council Chair, was invited to deliver a work report of the council and present the mission, the structure and organization, and the regulations of DCEA Technical Council. Dr. Nie pointed out that the Council was setup to better serve DCEA members and local community; the goals of the Council are to provide new technologies for the industry and society, to develop skills for individual members, and to build a global platform for information exchange about technology, career and business. The DCEA Technical Council guidelines were drafted to give each subcommittee great freedom to grow and well integrate into the DCEA’s traditional brand activities such as seminars, symposiums and technical conferences, the final version of the guideline was approved by all attendees.

In addition to the current existing 15 specialized committees, the council secretariat decided to establish 5 more new committees to meet the development needs chosen from many applications. With the automotive related sub-committees being the mainstream, DCEA technical council specially emphasizes the non-automotive fields by introducing IT, industrial design, environmental health, business management, and entrepreneurship sub-committees to help members to diversify their skills and knowledge. For more information, visit DCEA website at:

During the all hands meeting, the committee directors introduced their committees and presented their visions and plans. A lot of great ideas are being discussed and various committees are being formed covering almost all areas of the automotive industry and many non-automotive related topics. Special thanks to Dr. Shan Shih and Dr. Tai Chan who presented the well prepared setup templates for all committees.

Group photos are taken in the memory of this DCEA milestone event. In the following social networking lunch, each committee got the chance of introducing their ideas to the DCEA members and guests and recruiting their committee members. A brief yet sincere appointment ceremony was held after the social lunch. Appointment certificates were formally distributed to the current committee directors by the council chair. All representatives attended the career workshop hosted by DCEA advisor Dr. Jamie Hsu in the afternoon.

With great help of members, advisory board, retired board members and local community, this DCEA Technical Council Kick-off meeting marks the milestone of DCEA’s continuous improvement and growth. Let’s hope DCEA provides us an even greater platform for technical and career advancement! If you are interested in joining our council committees, please register at

(DCEA Technical Council Special Reporter: Yubing Ji, Ning Zhang)

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