DCEA Tech Instructor Survey 专业委员会讲员登记表

Tech Council is committed to providing our members with professional trainings and knowledge exchange. We will organize a series of technical seminars and training classes for our staffs and members. These events will be open to public and may be taught in English, Chinese, or bilingually.

List any topics that you are ready to teach now or after a short preparation as "Topics Ready to Teach". And these you plan to teach that may need a relatively long time preparation as "Topics being planned". More than one items can be listed for each category.
1~2 hour presentation 简短报告 (少于2小时)a half day seminar 小型讲座 (半天)1~3 day short course 短期课程 (1~3天)a class for over two weeks or longer 正式课程(2周以上)
Format for Topics ready to teach 准备完毕课目讲授形式
Format for Topics being planned 拟讲授课目讲授形式